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I just bought my first press(EZ green) and want to learn how to tune my own bows. I followed nuts and bolts first couple of steps and have both fletched and bare shafts splitting the string at 1 and 3yds. I then moved back to 15 yds(max distance in my yard) and both are very close, maybe an inch apart, but bare shafts are nock left. I then started adding twists to the top left yoke leg(1/2 twist at a time) and removing twists out of the right yoke leg(1/2 twist at a time) to clean up the nock left. After adding a total of 3 twists to the left leg and removing 3 from the right leg I gave up. The left nock got worse and bare shafts kept impacting further and further right of fletched. I suspect this isn't the correct procedure?

CS 34
28.5 DL
Easton axis n fused 340's cut 28.25 to throat of nock, 100 grain tip
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