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Hi there, The name is DJ; and I need some advice.

I live in Dallas, TX; yet no HOYT authorized dealer around actually keeps hoyt recurve risers or accessories for them in stock. So I'm flying somewhat blind here. But from all the reading I've been doing, I know I want to go with the HOYT Horizon for my starter bow. My issue is with what of the following to get:

* ILF limbs (poundage, brand, length?)
* Stabilizer (brand, type)
* Sight (no clue here)
* String (no clue here)
* Rest (Do I need one with this riser?)
* Quiver
* Case

My draw is 28.5" and I can comfortably draw and shoot a 65# bow (though I know this is WAY over what should be used for simple target practice)
I have a couple antique Bear Recurves, that I shoot from time to time; and though they are in pretty good shape and I want to preserve them and shoot with a proper Olympiad target bow.

I've read tons of threads here, though this is my first post. I've tried looking at reviews and what not on Youtube, but as archery equipment and accessories go, they are few and far in between.

The riser being about 250, I'd like to keep the total package around 750-800 (not including the quiver and case). I already have some nice new length fitted Easton aluminum arrows (like 300 bucks worth) So no need for those.

Thanks ahead of time for your help in getting a noob started.

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If you're just getting started:
Limbs: Samick Privilege, SF Axion, SF Premium, KAP T-Rex if you can find them. If you have a draw length around 28inch, medium length limbs will do fine.
Stabilizer: Cartel Midas/Cartel Carbon at 28-30inches
Sight: Shibuya Dual Click or one of the Sur-Locs, can't go wrong, will last you forever.
String: 18 strand DF97 or Angel Majesty in your bow length.
Rest: AAE Champion II, Shibuya Ultima, Hoyt stick on.
Quiver: your choice...pick one you like.
Case: depends. are you planning on travelling to shoot a lot? how? Is it more for going to the range and back?

This will be a bit less than 800, and it will be more than enough to get you started, As you get better, you can upgrade what you need to/want to.
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