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Form showing too long draw length?

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how bad is this form? does the leaning indicate waaaay too long draw length, a little long, or something else?

any other comments welcome.

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I'm no expert but I would make these observations:

1-Wrist strap is too loose
2- Grip looks too tight and not on meaty part of thumb
3- It looks like if you stand up straight everything would be good and lined up. Draw length looks good to me.
4- Not that good at the drawing lines thing but the line from your draw elbow should be in line with the arrow, which if you redid the line would look right. The other line should go thru the middle of the eye to where the row nock is and then straight down the middle of your body.
looks just right. the d loop ends right under your eye. mabe 1/2" shorter, but it should be fine.
If you have a long draw length you might lean or you might not lean. If your draw length is perfect you might lean or you might not lean. I believe it is more of a form problem than a draw length problem.

From this picture you can see that you're leaning, but it isn't because of your draw length. You draw length looks pretty good from what I can see, but you need to work on standing up straight, lower shoulder, and a couple other things.

Working with a coach for a couple lessons would be so much faster and clearer than trying to listen to people on the internet and trying to teach yourself. I guarentee the higher level coaches know many tricks that most would never think of that would improve your game greatly. Good luck.
Your leaning back is just bad posture. However, you are cocking your head back to meet your draw length. So, you could be too long. Also, your hand looks like it's about to slip out of that release. That is a wrist release, not a palm release. You also have a high bow shoulder, another symptom of long draw length.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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