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General Rules:

1. No Spam or multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes.

2. No misleading thread titles (i.e. nude pics, goats, etc)

3. No contests or giveaway threads in the Classifieds.

4. No links to commercial sites are allowed in ad threads, unless the site is a sponsor of

5. For the legal protection of the adult members of the site, minors are not allowed to deal in the classifieds. This is simply due to current laws in the USA at this time. All adults should make an attempt to ensure that the member you are dealing with is not a minor.

6. Negative comments, flaming, personal attacks or thread crapping are not permitted.

7. No disputing price on a member's thread. If you would like to make an offer below the asking price, contact the seller via PM or email.

8. You must display your profile with a valid email address. Your date of birth must also be filled in, however does not need to be public.

9. If you agree to a deal and back out, be prepared for repercussions.

10. Before you send any money or merchandise, get an address, phone number and call the other member. This is safest for everyone. If they do not want to give that information out or you can not get in contact with them, do not send money or merchandise. There is little that Staff can do to settle a dispute without a phone number to contact the other member.

11. Post “Sold” on your thread once your item is sold. You do not need to close your threads any longer.

12. PayPal friends and family payment is strictly prohibited on ArcheryTalk. Do not request, nor sent payments using friends and family. We cannot assist you when you get scammed this way. Threads requesting F&F will be removed.


12. New members will not be allowed to post until they have a minimum of 20 posts. Once the 20 posts requirement is met, the member will be able to post the next day.

12. No auction style threads. A price MUST be posted in all threads. No make an offer style allowed.

13. It is the seller's responsibility to ship an item as soon as possible. One day to ship should suffice. You should have your item ready to go when you list it.

14. It is the seller's responsibility to notify the buyer when an item is shipped and provide the tracking number.

15. Insurance: To avoid headaches, pay the small fee for insurance. This covers both members as well as usually requires a signature on the receiver's part. If the seller does not choose to purchase insurance and the item is damaged, missing, stolen, etc, it is the seller's responsibility to make it right with the buyer ASAP.

16. Defective, damaged or items that are a safety hazard are not allowed.

17. Firearms or related items are not allowed to be sold or traded on

18. You MUST be the owner of the item you are selling. You CAN NOT sell anything for another person. You MAY sell for a spouse or a minor child who lives at home however. This means you can not sell for your father, brother, best friend, cousin, etc. Your threads will be removed. If you are warned or infracted, it is NOT acceptable to say that you have now purchased that item from them and it is now yours.

19. A thread may only be bumped a maximum of 4 times per day.

20. No more than 3 open threads at one time. If you have more than 3 to list, please consolidate your threads when selling multiple items in a category.

21. You can not sell something that you do not have in your immediate possession.


22. Ask for pictures, condition or defects before committing to the purchase.

23. Get a phone number and actually speak with the seller.

24. It is required that you do not pay using Pay Pal Gift or Friends and Family. Pay Pal nor ArcheryTalk staff will assist if this payment method is used. It removes all of the buyers protection.

Shipping considerations:

25. If you mail a money order, expect to wait 5 extra business days for shipping each way, plus the 1 day allotted to ship the item.

26. If paying with PayPal, expect the same 5 business days for shipping plus one day to ship.

27. Shipping to and from outside the continental United States can incur delays. Customs can hold an item being shipped. Expect delays when shipping to or from Canada or any other country. Three to four weeks is not uncommon.

28. The buyer must receive their item within 10 business days of the seller receiving payment, unless previous arrangements have been made. No excuses. Do not try to use excuses such as: I didn't have the $ to ship, I got busy, or I didn't have packing supplies. You should have that ready when you list your item.


29. Both items should be shipped within the 1 day time frame. Do not hold your item until you receive the other members item. Doing this will result in your classified privileges being revoked.

Prohibited items:

30. No gift cards, gift certificates, store credits or anything similar will be permitted.

31. No firearms or ammunition are allowed to be sold or traded on

32. ONLY archery and hunting related items are allowed (i.e.No trucks, cars, motorcycles, stereos, campers, houses, boats, dogs, or firearms, etc.)

Special considerations:

Items listed on are not allowed to be listed on other sites concurrently. This includes eBay or other similar websites.

We allow the sale/trade of video and audio equipment for filming hunts as well as other fragile items. Please remember, these items can be damaged during shipping or fluctuating temperatures. You are on your own when making these transactions. DO your homework and make a smart purchase/trade.


WE CANNOT always help you. It is a moderator’s discretion to offer assistance with a bad deal. We do welcome your questions and concerns and will Black List an unscrupulous buyer/seller after a review of your transaction. ArcheryTalk classifieds is a service offered to individual members to buy/sell and trade their new or used archery goods.

If you have problems with a transaction and have EXPLORED AND INVESTIGATED AND DILIGENTLY PURSUED ALL AVENUES OF RESOLUTION, consider contacting a classifieds moderator for assistance. They will help you if they have time. is not responsible for your successful transaction, but we will help if we can.

When contacting a staff member regarding a deal gone bad, please provide the member's username (spelled correctly), any contact information you have and all correspondence you have had with them along with a link to the item.

Once you get the item, you have 1-2 days to notified the seller/trader or a classifieds moderator if the item has issues not disclosed in the classified ad or in pm's. Anything beyond 2 days from receiving item is not the sellers/other traders responsibility and no returns/refunds allowed. So inspect the item right away! Remember your buying or trading used equipment and there is always a risk.

Your word is your bond, your word is your rep, and your actions speak louder than all the words combined. If you can’t maintain and keep your word, and if you can't meet your obligations, then you have NO business doing business here. PLEASE do everyone a favor, including yourself, and don’t do business where people depend on you to perform your duty to them, and conduct business in a mature and honorable fashion.

Communication is KEY. It is very important is to set aside a few minutes of the day to COMMUNICATE with those with whom you have deals open. IT ONLY TAKES A SMALL AMOUNT OF TIME! Always maintain an open channel of communication until your transactions are complete.
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