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I love both companies, have had great success with both.
Both make an exceptional product, and I would proudly own both and an alphamax if I could.
But,..... Of the two speedsters:
Mathews Monster is a bit heavier IMO, grip is thicker( not my preference), bit does draw well! Smoother than I expected, except for the tough "hump" at the end. great shooter, almost ZERO hand shock! All around....9 out of 10 for a speed bow. Reason being the grip and balance of bow
PSE Omen is light weight, balances good, could be a bit better. Grip is perfect(for my style) , good draw back, except for last 2"/3". But hold very well, and great after shot. Feels very similar to Monster. After shot is very dead in hand.
Both bows are not for most. Just my Honest Opinion. Agressive bows. Period. I will own an Omen, due to loyalty. Both bows are very similar. Monster may be a bit slower, but just as smooth. XLR8 will be too short a BH for me. The omen is pushing it still at 5.5". But we will see, when I get it at my draw. For most I would say go with a Bowmadness/DXT/or alphamax32.
But for those who like speed, I give the Omen an A- and the Monster a B+.
Either way, I just thought I'd give an honest opinion seeing as I have now shot both.
Best of luck to all, and remember: it's better to hit the spot slow, than to miss fast!
always nice to see an HONEST review even if the brand I currently shoot fell alittle short. Thanks 4 the honesty

But doesnt the omen and the xlr8 have the same brace height? 5.5"?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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