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For Sale: 20 Used BoDoodle Rests. All rests are in good shape and come complete with the mounting bolts. Rests are lettered from left to right in the pictures. All prices include Domestic USPS shipping. I've done my best job identifying all of the models, but since they made so many variations over the years, please go by the pictures not my names of the rests. Foreign shipping and Express shipping are extra. Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX, Paypal accepted. No Trades Please. Please call the number in the signature for the quickest response. Open Tuesday-Sunday.

Rests A, B, C RH Timberdoodle Rests New $42: $21 ea

Rests D, E, F, G RH Bullet Rests New $45: $23 ea

Rests H, I, J
(H) RH Zapper 300 High Performance New $42: $21
(I,J) RH Zapper 300 Standard $37: $19

Rest K RH Zapper 400 Standard New $ 43: $22

Rest L RH Game Dropper Rest New $70: $35

Rests M, N, O
(M,N) RH Timberdoodle High Performance New $63: $32
(O) I believe is a LH Superdoodle High Performance New $63: $32

Rests P, Q, R, S
(P, Q, R) I believe these are both RH Camo Timberdoodle High Performance New $68: $34
(S) I believe this is a RH Camo Game Dropper New $75: $38

Rest T: I believe this is a RH Game Dropper. This rest has some markings on the back where an Ultra Nok came too far forward and was hitting the rest but is otherwise in good shape. New $70: $25

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