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For Sale or Trade

2015 Elite Synergy, RH, Max 1, 70 LB. I have #7,#8, #9 mods providing a draw length range of 27, 27.5,28". I have been told by an elite dealer that the dealer will swap mods for your appropriate draw length. The string that is on it is in great shape.

Elite bows have a transferable limited lifetime warranty

Bare Bow plus one set of draw mods, wrist strap and Peep. 600 TYD

If you want the other items shown in the photo,

- Black 65 Lb Limbs. add 100
- Vapor Trail Pro V rest, add 50
- Matching Stokerized 7" stabilizer add 60
- 2 extra sets of strings, originals and JBK, add 50 (these strings are in great shape and show no separation whatsoever.
- g5 optix XR sight add 60
- 9 Cabelas Carbon Hunter arrows add 25
- 6 100grain Rage two broad heads plus replacement blades add 25

I will sell the entire package (everything seen in the photo) for 825.00 To your Door.

The only trades that I would consider are Matthews Halon 7 and Diamond infinite edge Right hand and Left hand.

synergy1.jpg synergy2.jpg
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