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ft. lbs. to be effective

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what kind of foot pounds are necessary to take game with a bow? I primarily hunt whitetails with my bow and by each and everything I have been told, a bow is not effective past 30 yards because it wont have enough foot pounds. so what do I need?
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that brings a different question, how can I calculate what my foot pounds are? I do not have a way to figure out what my speed is.
What bow, draw weight, draw length, arrow weight?
2010 martin pantera, set at 70 pounds, or at least it has 70 pound limbs and it is maxxed out. 29 inch draw length and i do not know the arrow weight. i got them from gander mountain they are gold tip 5575 and cut at 29inches long with 100 grain field points is all i know.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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