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Just got back home. Very fun family day!
Decided to enter "State Royal Archery Tournament" at Bay Area Renaissance Festival here in Tampa.

I know that it is not "real archery tournament", but is a lot of fun non the less.

My wife and my 6 years old son joined me.

Here is what we used:

My son was shooting Samick Polaris, wife used Tradtech Pinnacle II with BlackMax limbs, and I was shooting my new Omega Longbow (which I just finished 3 days ago).

Here is results:

My son: 1st Place in Squires Category (12 and under)
Wife: 3rd Place in Ladies Category (Women 18+)
Me: 1st Place in Lords Category (Men 18+) and overall Champion

Probably both of us could get a better scores if we shot our regular bows. I mostly shoot Titan III with BlackMax carbon limbs and my wife use Excel riser.
We could use them, but we decided that metal risers, plungers and arrow rests are not "traditional" enough for this tournament. :)

My son:

Traditional Vs. Compound :)

My Wife:

Me and my Omega!

40 yards Shots:

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