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I just swithed for fury x cams and I now have a few questions for someone who's used to them.

- is it normal that the cables are touching themself where they cross

-what if I would use one longer axe with one regular axe, wouldn't the cables be free, would that be suitable?

- I plan to go hunting with my scepter2 X , what can I do to the cables (or bow) to make sure they make the less possible noise?

- and last, when I shoot the arrow, I feel the cable hitting my bow harm, almost to a point that's painfull, anyone experiencing the same problem.
even though when I aim my bow arm is clear from the cables


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2-I tried it - didn't make any difference. In fact, there was less vibration when the cables were rubbing against each other.
3-Same as with any other bow.
4-I get that with some X-cam bows. Just put on a wrist sweatband.

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A friend of mine uses PSE NV dampeners on his bow with a shoot thru harness and they seem to work better than anything I have seen at reducing the noise of a shoot thru design.
I'm going with the NV's on my next bow with a shoot thru.



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