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Cajun Tournament and Event Donation Requests --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tournament and event donation requests for Cajun Archery will be handled by myself and Keith Riehn (primary contact) this year. Please use the following guidelines for making your requests:

1. Send all requests by email to [email protected] or by snail mail to Keith Riehn, 643 Alsace, Pevely, MO 63070.

2. Send requests early to receive priority in getting your requests honored. Requests received before March 1, 2009 will receive first priority. Beyond that, requests received less than one month prior to the event will be difficult to accomodate and those less than 2 weeks will be declined.

3. Requests should include as much of the following info as possible:
Event name, description, location, and date
Event flyer if available
Event flyer from previous year if available
Indicate if Cajun donated to your event the previous year
Estimate of number of participants and actual number from previous year (if available).
Info on how Cajun will be displayed/indicated as an event sponsor
4. Cajun Archery has been a strong supporter of the bowfishing community for many years. This new donation program will not change that, but will simply organize it and make shipping our donations smoother. Though we cannot promise to sponsor every event in the country, we will donate prizes to as many as we can.

5. My suggestions to event coordinators to help ensure your event gets on Cajun's donation list:
Don't procrastinate. As indicated above, get your request in EARLY.
Make it easy for us to understand exactly what your event entails without having to contact you with questions.
Make the shipping contact and address clear in your request.
Do send your requests or questions in writing to [email protected]
Do NOT send PM's concerning donation requests on this or any other website.
This info may be copied to any other websites, email, etc. as appropriate for widest distribution possible.

Robin Parks
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