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G5 Meta Nocks

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Has anyone ever tried these because I have Easton Axis and need some sort of pin nock or something to prevent splintering. Do they clip on the string tight and how do they affect arrow flight and weight?
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I just started messing with some in the Maximas I am shooting. They are a very nice nock overall. The press fit onto the string is different than a standard nock. the ears or tabs of the nock our more open on the end than at the throat so the nock doesn't actually engage the string till it is pressed all the way to the throat and they it just softly clicks in (this is with a Winners Choice set-up out of 8125 and would obviously change with differnet string materials and diameters). With the minimal nock to string contact I feel it makes for a nicely guided forward travel on the string but makes for a super clean release of the nock off the string. They do not do the standard press in but actually have a light thread on the shank that screws into the back of the shaft but can still be rotated 360 degrees when fully seated for indexing. Accuracy appears to be only limited by my shooting:) . They weigh in at 10.5 grains which is a grain and a half less than a super 3d. Downside is they are a little spendy, I paid $10 for 6....ouch!
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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