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My Experience (with the Optix XR 4 pin)

The micro adjust was just okay, I also couldnt get great pin gaps and struggled to get a 20 yd and 30 yd pin, and I'm shooting a 75# air raid with 420 grain arrows, its quick, but no barn burner.

As far as Durability it seemed solid, also pretty light.

However I would be uneasy about cranking down the pins super tight.

The micro adjust worked, maybe a little less easy than others but it worked.

I actually felt the pins were pretty bright, even without a light, and the light is a cool feature too!

I've heard the customer service is top notch as well!

However I did just trade it for a spot hogg, and I have to say it seems like the quality is much better! I'm no fan boy, and I dont believe that expensive is always better, however I have to say that I'm a big spot hogg fan. The sight just seems much more rock solid, I'm not afraid to crank down bolts, the micro adjust seems better. And with the wrap I think its fairly bright.

Overall I wouldnt say the G5 is a bad choice at all, however I would encourage you to take a look at a spot hogg in person if you get the chance. They can be had used pretty reasonable on here too! :darkbeer:
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