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Gas spring as bow shooting practice tool

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I keep my bow in our living room all the time. So I like to pick it up a lot and just draw it without arrow in it. I know. I must be stupid to do it but this is how I train my grip. Probably I will keep doing it till I dry fire one day. But anyway I was thinking if it's possible to take the gas spring and screw it in place of an arrow rest so I can draw the bow back with gas spring rod hooked to the string and then just shoot? I will adjust the gas spring so it will put enough pressure on the string as arrow will. Do you guys think this will be safe?
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Go to your local rehab facility and ask them if they will allow you to buy the excerize bands they use on patients. They are color coded for different strengths. I cut them to about 4' long then tied them in a knot so they form a loop. The length of the loop determine the draw weight and it can be changed when your strength increases. I then tied in a d-loop. You can draw and hold using your release, do multiple reps, etc. Extremely good excerize routine.

I think your making a huge mistake drawing your bow with no arrow in it. Wait until its in a pile at your feet - your going to wish you'd never done it.
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