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Hello to you all.

I'll be travelling for work next weekend from Washington DC to Nashville GA and was hoping you can point me in to the right direction where I could try my luck to harvest a hog. Not looking to spent a ton of money nor to get a trophy size animal. Just want a good eater. I googled couple of places but do not know what to expect. I've never hunted high fence but in my head I'm not a huge fan of it. I'm not looking for a sure kill of a farm pig in a 20X20 yards cage, just exaggerating but you got the idea. The tricky part is that I'll have up to a day to spent there, if there is no lodging, its OK, I can spent a night in the motel. Hunting over bait is okay with me as long as it is legal.
I'll be going up there with a coworker that never been hunting before so my plan is to give him a crossbow or a shotgun (most likely) and I would try my luck with a bow.

Any suggestions on the property? One thing that I have to mention, I'll be driving a 26' moving truck so I'll need parking for it and would prefer not to rent a car to navigate locally.
Hunting spot does not have to be in Georgia, It can be anywhere along the way.

Thank for all the help.
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