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Get Crackerized (you won't regret it)

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I just got my Trykon back from Crackers today and it's amazing! The strings look awesome and then I shot it. I can sum it up in one word "W:eek: W!". I'm a very sceptacle person and I read about what he can do with a bow and decided to give it a shot. Boy am I glad I did.

Not only is he great at what he does, he's a great guy to talk to. Mike said I gained around 5 fps so I should be shooting over 300 fps now with a 29in. draw and he also has it shooting arrows "like darts" as he would put it.

Great guy, awesome work, and one very happy customer:wink: .
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OMG. That's amazing ! You know the Missouri State Field Championships are this weekend. Since this shoot just happens to be in Crackerland, maybe I'll get to see one of these legendary bows up close and personal.
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