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Getting your bow up to "specs" help me out.

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Let me know if I'm right on this. I recently received a new bow. A/A was supposed to be 37-3/4", it was 38-9/16". Brace height was supposed to be 6-3/4", it was 7-1/2". Max poundage was supposed to be 70#'s, it was 64#'s.

To correct this I simply twisted (added twists) to the buss cables until my axle to axle was up to spec, then added twists to bowstring until brace height was close, then checked the poundage. When I got all that to where it was supposed to be, I then set about making more small adjustments to the buss cables until I got my cams timed. How bout it? A buddy of mine says I way overloaded the limbs on my bow. How else would I have done this?

Next question. I was wondering about the harness on twin cam cables. When I replace the string and cables can I have the harness on both ends made into floating yokes, like what comes on the buss cable on the Hoyt's? I like that system alot better than the standard harness. Any reason why I couldn't do that? Thanks for your help.
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Thanks alot Javi...

You may remember, I contacted you regarding my Hoyts and it worked out just fine, bows specs are dead on and they shoot awesome. That was a nice learning experience. This is a completely different bow but I figured it had to be about the same. Thanks again.
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