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Stormbringer said:
I just recieved the GFK rest, unfortunatly, the user manual wasn't available. What is, how is, the tuning gauge feature used? Thanks!
Hello Stormbringer.

I have the Premier version, with the same "gauge".

You basically rotate the wire right up against the bolt head
in the "green zone".

Fire your arrow.

See where the wire ends up.
If you get fletch contact,
and/or if the nocking point is too low,
then the arrow will hit the rest
and cause the wire to move
into the yellow or red zone.

It's just an indicator to let you know
how cleanly the arrow left the arrow rest.

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Thanks Nuts&Bolts, So, where the wire is in the pix, just out of the green into the yellow....isn't too awfully bad does one fine tune the launcher blade to stay in the green zone, or is that aspect just a trial & error thing?
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