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Wondering if anyone has a similiar situation-- planning on giving the Easton Axis Obsession a go for hunting this year but I'm wondering on the spine .
I'm shooting a Hoyt Ultra Tech- Spiral Cam- 70 Lb. -28.5 " draw currently shooting a 26" Terminator 6075 . I have good flight and the noise level is real quiet - the terminator is heavy compared to most arrows. I'm looking at the charts and it says the 400's but I'm wondering how the 340 will do since it will be a little heavier and keep the noise down. Any advice from someone that has maybe tried the two with a setup close to what I've got?
I always say if it broke don't fix it but that is me. If the stiffer arrows don't work you can always go back. I myself shoot a stiffer arrow because I seem to get better results.

Just my 2cents
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