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I am offering a ready to go spot rig.
I am selling because I need to money.
Please don’t beat me up since I said that.
Here’s the deal. I would much rather see this beauty go to someone that will love her than to part her out and sell it on eBay.
I have Well over $2,000 in this rig.
If I part it out I would see $1,000 or so.
I will have it up for 3 days before I break it up and sell it separate
$800 to your door gets her to you.
Here are the specs.
Mathews Apex 7. Gold and Black Fade
Right Hand
50 lb limbs no stops. set at 46 (60lb limbs with stops come with it)
26.5” draw. I have it tuned to more like 26.75
Sure Loc Lite with 9” bar
Extreme housing with a Feather Vision 4X lens (not drilled)
Doinker carbon fiber stabilizer with weights. 28” main and 10” back bars with a Shrewd V-bar
GKF Infiniti rest with a spring steel lizard tongue.
STS dead stop
Winners Choice String and cable. It is 2 years old but still in great shape.
Super peep housing.
I will through in 1/2 dozen 2312’s 5 fletched and on bare shaft.

Feel free to email me with questions and if you want more pics.
Please no low ball offers. I wouldn’t do it to you. It’s killing me to let her go at this price.
Give my baby a good home please.
This set up is a tack driver. Many 300's out of her and she has many more to shoot. I shot my personal best 592 FITA with the bow.
Don’t make me chop her up. Bow and arrow Bow Compound bow Archery Arrow Snowboard Sports equipment Skateboard Longboard Compound bow Bow and arrow String instrument Bow String instrument Bicycle part Wheel Ceiling Bicycle part Material property Musical instrument accessory Metal Bmx bike
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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