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Gold Tip 55/75 or 75/95???

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I am curious what spine would fit my set up better. I am shooting 28 inches of arrow from my 06 Tribute. Draw length is 29, draw weight 70 with the speed cams. I use a release and the bow has factory riggings. I tend to shoot 100gr tips with feathers or vanes steering them. Are the 55/75's just right, or are they bordering on the line of being weakspined. I would like to use the 75/95 to increase my arrow weight a bit, the Gold Tip Chart shows them to be too stiff for my setup. I feel that a 364gr arrow is on the light side for elk. Also, can anyone recommend an arrow in the Gold Tip XT Hunter price range that would afford the durability that's inherint to the Gold Tips, but weigh a little more. The 55/75's are 8.2 per inch. How about around 9.5-10 per inch. Thanks!!
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Definately the 75/95.

Your setup is almost identical to mine (same DL, DW, and a high energy bow) and my the 75/95 at 28" seems to spine perfectly according to TAP.
The 55/75 with the same parameters is waaaaaay down on the weak end of the chart (like shooting a wet spaghetti noodle).
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