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goldtips backordered

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ordered some stuff from eders a few days ago including a dozen xt hunter 7595 bare shafts got a call today from them saying that gold tip are back ordered 6 weeks. what gives? i hear itis do to them being made overseas now??????
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I've heard they are a at least a few weeks behind.
A shop I know is moving customers to other brands. Bow sales are starting to pick up and hunting season is getting closer and he can't get Gold Tips!!:noidea:

I may be in a bind myself here shortly............I like to buy my arrows thru the local guy. I'll either go online and hope or I'll try something different. If he'll give me a fair price on a new brand I'll try them. I'm not married to any one brand of anything..:wink: .....I've been shooting Gold Tips for many years and the guy at the shop gave me a nice Carbon Express hat that I've been wearing to 3D shoots.

Beman, Carbon Express, Carbon Tech, PSE.....there ARE a few other players!
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