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Good evening in central IL

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Well, with my new job I am fortunate enough to be able to hunt the last 1.5 hrs of day light on work days. At least until the time changes. Had a good night last night. I had this doe and fawn come in at 5:40 and hung out around my stand for 40 minutes or so. The fawn still had spots and was pretty small. Kind of suprising.

Things started picking up after that. I had a little 6 come into a grass field about 45 yards just south of me. He DID have his nose down and followed the exact path of the I had just seen. about 20 minutes later I had 2 nice does come into that grass field as well. Then about 15 minutes before dark I had a nice 10 come into the same field. He was probably a low 130's buck. I passed on a 45 yard shot with day light fading. Just wasnt a good shot. I did grunt at him and he postured up and got all pissed. I just think its a little too early though because after posturing for a minute he turned and walked away.

I may be sitting on a bucket in a tree line in that grass field tonight. Ambush style :).

Good luck this weekend guys! This cold snap has woke them up.
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