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I was referred to this site by some friends because I am in search of technical assistance. I have spent some time reading some threads and know I have come to the right place.

Short Bio: I have been an intermittent participant in archary for thirty years, traditional and compound. I bought my first new compound bow, and first that fit my 27 inch draw length, four years ago. The bow is a single cam Archary Research (AR31), 60 -70lb draw (set at 70lb), 28 inch ATA, +/- 8 inch BH, 80% let off, drop away rest, release loop and came with silencer kit installed. So, with a bow that fit me I finally gained enough confidence of an ethical shot I started deer hunting 3 years ago.

Not alone: Like most, I could not help myself and have tinkered with the bow. I made a classic blunder this pre-season and changed several things at once. Now I cannot figure out if it is me or the equipment, but shots are crazy inconsistant past 20yds.

Question: Is there or where do you start to try to identify form problems vs equipment problems?

History and changes: Obviously, out of the box and Pro-shop set-up, new bow shot like a dream. After three weeks with the bow, I never shot the same bulleye with multiple arrows again to avoid arrow damage. This remained the case until this year. Last year I added an after market string stop with no perceptible change in consistancy. I have done nor had anything done to the bow (never returned to the pro shop or checked tuning) since the purchase and original set up.

This year: Changed from a five pin (pins enter from side) sight to a single pin pendalum (pin enters from the bottom) sight. Removed the string peep and installed a kisser button. Changed my anchor point. Changed arrow fletching from 4 inch glue on staight vanes to Twister heat shrink, blazer type vanes. Still using original Gold Tip Pro Hunter 5575 arrows, 27.75 inch with 100 grain tips. I did not mark cock feather location of original vanes, so new cock feather location could be different. I changed nocks because I broke one grouping at 20yds with this new set up and could not find a matching nock to replace just one.

Problem: 10, 15, 20 and 25 yard shot groups are from touching to 3.5 inch dia. and from 1/2 inch high (10yd) to 1 inch low (25yds). 30 yard shot groups are 6 to 10 inches low (meaning one shot group 6 inch low, the next 10 inches low, the next 8 inches low, etc). Also the group is sometimes 5 inch dia. and sometimes 11 inch spread. Proir to changes I had about a 3 to 4 inch drop from 20 to 30 yards and about a 6 inch drop from 30 to 40 yards. I can not understand why I would now have a 5 plus inch drop from 25 to 30 yds. By the way, these are all flat ground shoots.

Likely causes (in my opinion):
I have read here that an arrow can have a strong and weak spine direction so changing cock feather location could be a problem.
Vanes could have changed arrow weight.
Arrows with twister vanes could be spining early enough to be contacting (but I would expect to see this at all ranges).
Removed string peep, which spread string. This may have changed the string length enough to move nock point.
Removing string peep, lenghing string may have changed timing.

I know, long post. Sorry. Even if I cannot fix this, I will hunt this year but keep my shots under 25 yards.

Again, the question is what is the process of elimination to figure out if it is equipment of me.

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