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To those archers that have contacted me or sent in Videos for analysis over the last 2 weeks.
I have changed to a new video and still photo analysis program that has cut the turnaround time and costs for me to conduct video and still photo analysis.
These savings can now be passed on to you and to all new clients.
For those who have already paid in the last 14 days you will receive an extra discount on your next lesson.
Among the features of this new program is an automatic capture and save feature that is activated by the sound of the arrow being released or by one click of the mouse.
Then your selected clips are sent to me for analysis with just one click of your mouse.
As well the free program downloaded by you for sending the clips can be used by you as an Interactive training aid. The software can be used as a training tool to capture video automatically with the sound of the bow being fired. Once captured, the video will automatically replay in slow motion ….no start / stop buttons to push, and no editing. Simply shoot the bow and watch the automatic replay. It will continue in this mode until commanded to stop.
This program will also be available through Archery Fix for a small fee without you taking a lesson.
If you would like more info please send me an email through my site
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