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Good Tree Stand/Ground Blind Camera Tripod??

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Hey fellas.

I have a DVD/Digital Video Camera. I can't remember for the life of me what brand and/or model. However I figure the screw in connector is pretty universal for most cameras.

Anyone know of a good Tripod for tree stands that can be also used in a ground blinds for taping wild game/hunts?

Thank You,
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Don't know of any tripod that would work in a treestand, unless you have a box blind. in the tree I use the Muddy outdoors arm, on the ground I have a manfratto tripod with a bogen fluid can probably find one on ebay for around $200 they are pricey. Just a piece of advise on tripods , if you ever do any turkey hunting up against a tree you will appreciate a tripod that does not have a leg separator, it gets in the way and you can lower your tripod much farther by moving the legs out away from center..........I can lay mine almost flat with the legs spread all the way out.
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