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Good treestand for under $200????

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I am thinking about using a treestand out west(AZ and NM) for elk and mule deer and I have never bought one before so my questions are these:
Can I get a quality treestand for under $200?

What kind of features should I look for?

Is a climber or fixed stand better for out west?

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Go with a Gorilla.............

Gorilla King Kong Lounger $139.99

Here's a link to purchase it via Cabela's;jsessionid=UZOFGTUBJ13LVLAQBBKCCOVMCAEFKIWE?id=0046929418000a&type=product&cmCat=froogle&cm_ven=data_feed&cm_cat=froogle&cm_pla=0550401&cm_ite=0046929418000a&_requestid=53404

My wife's cousin borrowed mine the last night of a 5 day bear hunt up in New Brunswick a few years back. When the guide & I went to pick him up, I asked him how he liked the stand. He said, "I hate it, it's way too easy to fall asleep in this thing. I'm afraid I scared all the bears away with my snoring!" It's THAT comfortable!


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I have the gorilla king kong. And it is a great stand for the money.
$89.95 and weighs only 22 lbs.
Don't laugh. I got a stand that is identicial to this this stand for 35.00 last at Dicks last year (EOS)!
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