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Gorilla Silverback Scout treestand review

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Just a quick review for this stand in case anyone is looking at them.
I bought it to use as a portable "in-and-out" stand for use with climbing sticks in the rut or as an easy-to-carry extra if I had a camera person to take to one of my existing sets.
I've used it twice - once Sunday for the youth hunt and then last night when my wife sat in the tree with me for the very first time.

It's a great stand. Super light (8.5lb) and has easily adjustable carry straps so that a kid has no problem but it adjusted to my wife quickly.
It looks to me like the the square aluminum tubing has some extra support pieces either just in the ends or all the way through and this seems to make the stand much quieter. All my existing stands, including the Loggy Bayou Predator that I bought with similar intentions, seem noticibly louder/clankier.
The connectors for the cinch strap are plastic covered or rubberized and this makes them super quiet also.
Sitting in an existing stand and hooking this to the other side of the tree took less than a minute and it was rock solid/quiet.
There was no creaking or squeaking at all and I didn't feel like it needed a ratchet strap in addition to the cinch strap, as I do with most of my permanent stands.
The seat is typical Gorilla and definately more comfortable than the Loggy Predator or Lone Wolf style.
Platform size is certainly smaller than the LB Predator and probably the Lone Wolf but I don't do much hiking around up there anyway :wink:

All together, this is now my favorite mobile stand and I think will work perfectly for what I have in mind.