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Gorilla Treestands "Kong Expedition HX" Ladderstand

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The Kong Expedition HX Ladder stand is a new ladder stand by Gorilla Treestands located in Flushing, Michigan.
It was fairly easy to put together this 16 foot ground to shooting rail all-weld U-bracket system construction stand. Utilizing Traxion Slip-Resistant Coating to insure your confidence and safety when climbing and standing on this 300 lb. rated ladder stand.
Bolted together and using Gorilla’s proprietary XT-6 Nylon red washers which insure toughness, flexibility and quietness. The 20" contoured design extra wide comfort mesh seat provides excellent comfort by minimizing the effects of peak pressure points adding to time in the woods not at deer camp. This flip up seat also is quiet, water resistant and scent proof. Adding to the comfort of this stand is the padded, removable high density foam armrests and the stabilizer bar with sound dampening tension system to eliminate noise. The folding footrest makes it convenient and easy to pop up and prop your feet or flip down quietly to stand and get in and out of the stand. The 4 easy to install ratchet straps provide stability and safety and make this ladder stand quiet and a pleasure to climb in and out of.
I have hunted out of ground blinds and not being big on heights this ladder stand provided me the confidence that I need going up and coming down on this stand. Even when I am standing or sitting 16 feet up, I find I am comfortable and feel secure. I will be using this stand come October 1st. So, if you haven’t made a decision to hunt from a stand or blind check out and learn more about their stands.

Review written by: Gary Elliott​