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Got a new bow!

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Yesterday, after two years of wanting a new bow to uprade to, I finally completed a mission of mine. I'm not sure what the status is in other states, but the Sportsman's Warehouse here in Oklahoma is closing down, so everything is 5-30% off. I didn't know this until my buddy told me about all the great deals he got on fishing stuff. Interested, of course, in what deals the archery section would have I had my mom take me to check it all out.

As soon as we got there I marched straight to the back where the bows are. I started checking, handling, and fondling all of them. After a while, I found a couple bows that piqued my interest - a Browning Myst and two PSE Mossy Oak X's. Both were marked way down, so I called my dad at work to get his opinion on both of them. He found some reviews on the Internet and called the local pro shops to get there advice on the bows and ask what deals they had to offer. He called me back and said both of the shops he called and the reviews online made it sound like the PSE was the better deal. My dad then made it plain and simple that this was my money and I had to make the final decision if I wanted one of them or not.

So, I went home and read some of the reviews for myself and found out what both the Browning and PSEs are actually worth. It didn't take long for me to realize that the PSE was a steal if there ever was one (at least to my point of view). So, I had my mom trek me back to Sportsman's to go make my final decision. I rushed back to the archery department again only to find that one of the PSE's were missing. I quickly located its brother on the top rack and got it down after sweeping through a few people. I wasn't going to let the other one get away.

I called the department worker over to tell him I wanted to purchase the bow. He took me back to the range in back, measured my draw length, changed the module, and let me shoot it a few times before I gave him the go-ahead to pack it up.

By the end of the day I came home with a never-used 2007 PSE Mossy Oak X at a 28" draw and 50-60 lbs. limbs. Fortunately, I got an even better deal simply because of my chosen draw weight. There was another bow just like mine but in the 60-70 lbs. version for a $100 more. So, I got mine cheaper just because I wanted the lower poundage, less desireable model. I sure ain't complaining that's for sure. The final total came to $324 for a bow that was originally priced at $600 a couple years ago!

I got everything I wanted: it fits my draw length, it's a clean-lined bow, it's adjustable for draw weight, it has an adjustable let-off, the wooden grip (something I very much prefer) fits my hand well, it's fast, it's a single-cam, and it is 50-60 lbs. draw weight. I can pull up to about 66 lbs. no problem, but my dad and I agreed that the 60 pounder can do just about anything the 70 pounder can. Plus, I'll hold it more steady. I'll hold it longer. And I'll be able to get more shots in during a practice session because of not tiring as quickly. All of this will culminate to more accurate shooting, the most important thing.

This bow is a huge improvement and step-up from what I was shooting before: my dad's old XI Myles Keller edition Legend XRG fast-flight in 60-75 lbs. That sucker has a 42" a-to-a and is just plain cumbersome.

Now I was wanting to ask you guys and gals a question. I was wondering how good of a deal I really got. Looking online at what the used Mossy Oak X's are going for, the average seems to be about $400-$500, usually coming with a few accessories. But then again, they are used. How good of a deal do you all think I got. Be honest. I'm just curious.