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Got It Done In North Cack!

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Well gentlemen, I joined this site about a year ago to help pick out a new bow and learn. I have long dreamed of hunting the Midwest and their extended bow seasons, but being a Pastor, father to three young children, and insufficient funds I decided to hunt my properties as though they were bow only and just keep my new Obsession Phoenix in my hands all year. It made it a little easier when I patterned and killed a great 7pt the first week of the season. However when October and November rolled around and the gun shots started going off all around me it got a little more challenging and frustrating. Decided to stick with it thought and Monday evening the last day of November at 4: 45 it paid off. A doe walked to the edge of the pines bordering the hardwood ridge I was on. She seemed nervous at first but I knew it wasn't me. I had the perfect wind. She eventually calmed down and came on into the woods. Well no sooner had she ventured out of the cover then I saw antlers moving through the Pines and here came her beau in tow. It was the really nice 8 that had just shown up 3 weeks earlier. Well his attention was on her and luckily she was moving on through so her eyes were out of the equation. At about 27 yards he stopped behind some brush, the hew took two more steps into the clear and ran right into an Easton XX78 2314 toting a Rage Broadhead. Fifty yards later it was all over. Now I am the first to say, any legal deer with any legal weapon is cool with me. I do believe there is nothing like the challenge, rush, and sense of accomplishment then killing a mature Whitetail buck with a bow. Thanks guys for all you have taught me, and it is such a joy to see all of your success around the country. Below are the two bucks I was blessed with this year. Hunt On!


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