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was out hunting the early antlerless season today ,
got a late start and didnt get to the woods until 5:30.

on my way down an old logging road,had a doe step out about 25yds away.

well ,being in the middle of the road i was busted, or so i thought.

it was such a nice day i had worn a pair of shorts and a t shirt
and my camo bug suit over top to stay cool.

she didnt know what to make of me,
she just stood in the middle of the road and bobbed her head.
then she walked off the side of the road,
and i was able to draw..


there was a limb directly in front of her vitals ,i tried squatting,i tried standing on tiptoes,no matter what i did,
i just couldnt make myself take the shot with that stick in the way.

i could almost taste the backstraps LOL

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I had the same thing happen to me on opening day. BIG doe too. I would have loved to let loose on her. Just couldn't. Thats hunting. Good luck next time.
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