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click on the above link to see video.

Last week I came home from a show and found .Coyote. Fisher Cat, Turkey, Grouse, Rabbit tracks in the snow on my property. I posted a video" Coyotes." I also found four coyote dens and what I determined to be a fisher cat den.

This weekend I worked at the Augusta Me Sportsmans show. Came home hit the sack. Monday morning took a look out the back window and saw a flock of Jakes. got the camera and did some shooting. About an hour later we were driving down our driveway and saw a Gobbler on the road. stopped the car and took video of the flock along the road.

About five pm I was sitting in the living room and looked out the window and saw a strange shape moving across the driveway about 40 yds away. It looked like a teddy bear crawling across the driveway.
My brain just did not register what it was until it got into the snow and turned sideways. Yep ! I was right about the fisher cat tracks. I was mesmerized watching this animal waddle across the snow and into the woods where the coyote dens were. Never thought of getting the camera. This was the first time I have ever seen a Fisher live in the woods. Since he is my neighbor I hope to eventually get him on video.
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