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Gotta vent about the I.B.O. a little

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So maybe I ain't the guy to be whining about this, as I don't attend all the events, and I probably ain't gonna set any scoring records regardless, but it still pisses me off.
I like to hit some of if not all the Triple crown events, and I've noticed that the rule book seems to be going by the way side. At Franklin for the second leg I shot courses A,B,C,D., and there were 4 targets with obstructed scoring rings. 3 of them were insignificant portions of the 8 rings, but #9 on the A course had a 4 inch tree blocking a portion of the 10 ring, and due to the lighting, it was almost invisible. Now I know everyone had to shoot it, and I know it takes a lot of work to set these courses but dammit man. RULES ARE RULES! Why are they in the book if they aren't gonna be followed.
Next thing is that Max yardage seems to have become nothing more than a rough suggestion. 35 max, 38 is close enough.
And while I'm at it, has it been ruled that the shooter needs only to be in the same zip code as the shooting stake, cause NOBODY seems to touch it during the shot anymore. The rule book says the stake may be placed in a way to challenge the shooter. That's all good if everyone touches it, but if only half the people stand in the "challenging " position it ain't right.
Maybe this is all minor stuff to most, but it eats at me.
So I apologize if you're mad about the time you used to read this that you'll never get back, but maybe people will read and add to the list, and maybe the complaints will be found and heard by the I.B.O. and they can attempt a fix.
I would love to see the attendance go back up, but I fear their reluctance to listen to the people will only cause more people to leave.
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