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GPS Software questions.... any answers?

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OK guys... I'm getting ready to get the Garmin 60CSx GPS unit. It's a top of the line unit that I can download topo maps and stuff into... but I have some questions.

The question I have is on the electronic topo maps. Garmin makes the "Mapsource" topos for their units and there are two different types of topos. The first is the larger "Mapsource Topo USA" CD that has (I think) 1:100,000 scale topo maps. The second is the "Parks Topo" CD's that have the higher res. 1:24,000 maps.

I'll be using the GPS in the San Juan national forest in SW Colorado, and this park is not listed on the "Western Parks Topo" CD as being part of the CD. Does anyone with this software know for sure if it has the SJ National forest? Could you look and see if you have it?

Also.... will the 1:100,000 maps be good enough for navigation in this area?

Thanks guys...

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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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