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Great Archery Day!

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I am on an archery high and I wanted to share my excitement. Today I shot an indoor 3-D shoot at out shop. This was the first shoot I had ever been in where there were other women shooting. There were 4 of us all together. That was exciting all by itself, but...the coolest part was.....I won!! I also shot my personal best. I went to the shoot only hoping to beat my old scores and I walked away with $35 and a Quaker Boy Box call.

This part may be the part that is the most thrilling: I won in my category and my husband didn't win. He still beat me in points. But tonight is the first time in my life that I have beat him at his own sport. I keep telling him "I won and you didn't" AND, I'm not even being a jerk by saying that because he is so excited for me.

I hope all of you gals are having as much fun shooting as I did tonight.

Oh what a night!
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