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Great Customer Service

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I recently contacted 3 companies for customer service and would like to say that great customer service is alive and well. All 3 companies have earned my repeat business in the future.

!st company -Bohning- Was having a little trouble with the new Blazers I purchased (corners were lifting up) they replaced the vanes included a tube of Fletchtite Platinum and gave me some tips on shaft prep etc.. I was going to switch to Vanetec but after purchasing some Vanetec fletchings and watching others shoot them (through a Whisker Biscuit) they did not seem as durable as the Blazers. I ended up using AMG Carbond a flexible super glue that you still have to let dry overnight (leave in clamp approx 45 seconds remove from clamp and dont touch until next morning)and would like to report that the results were excellent. Im sure the Platinum would have worked just as well. Blazers are there to stay and the glue is not brittle.

#2 Bowmaster Press. I bent the handle on my Bowmaster press and called to send it in for servicing, the gentleman that I talked with asked how long I had owned it and i responded approx. 8 or 9 years. He said no problem I'll have a new one out to you tomorrow and send a return shipping label for you to return yours. Great service and what a great product. One of the few presses that wont damage limbs.

#3 Treelimb Called to order a new arrow gripper for my quiver. I explained it was my fault that I screwed up the current gripper and just wanted to purchase a new one. They ended up shipping a new one free of charge .

Lets give credit where it is due.

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I'm glad to hear Blazer came through for you....awesome!!

And kudos to the other two copmpanies for coming through too!! It's nice to see customer service is not a lost art...
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