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Yesterday was the last day of good weather forecast for the last week of our bow season for whitetail so I decided to take the day off and spend it in the tree stand. About 10 minutes in a doe & 2 fawns walked by with an 8 point in tow. I was sure that I had alerted the doe when I drew the bow and I rushed and pulled the shot high. Using Fobs I could tell that the arrow hit right around the spine and the way that the deer walked off I new that It would be a fatal hit, but would take a while.
I waited 3 hours before starting to track. After 2 hours I found where the deer had lain but was found by coyotes and was up and running. After 2 more hours I found the buck in a patch of alders in a old grown up farm field, he was down and unable to get up but not dead. I quickly nocked an arrow and finished the job. I managed to get the deer to the truck as the sun was setting. I have never worked this hard for a deer in 30 years of hunting, but was rewarded for the 4 hours of hard tracking through bad terrain & thick brush by finding him in the end.
Lessons learned - never rush your shot & don't give up the trail as long as there is any sign left to find.
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