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Great Firenock Customer Service

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Just wanted to share this with everyone since I heard about Firenocks from AT. Anyway, I had tried the Lumenocks and Easton Tracer but didn't care for either of them. I actually like the Tracer, but not the fact I had to attach a magnet to my bow.

Anyway, after reading all the great reviews here about Firenocks, I ordered a 3 pack to fit my Axis arrows. Unfortunately, only 1 of the 3 worked during shooting so I sent an email to customer service on a Sunday during the Bills' game since I was checking out my fantasy team. And whadda know, Dorge (owner) responds within 10 minutes!

We trade a few emails that day and he gives me a call that same night to diagnose the problem. Turns out it was just some extra epoxy that prevented the nock from turning on during the shot (but would turn on when dropped). He asks that I send the 2 nocks back to him and within days I get 2 new nock packs, batteries and 2 extra nocks in green and clear. He was even asking when our season starts (Oct 18th here in NY) as he didn't want my hunts affected by this.

No matter how big or small a company, I've never had the owner himself contact me, much less anyone from a company on a Sunday. I would buy Firenocks again on sheer principle, since I was treated so well, even if I liked another brand slightly better. But here you get the best of both worlds, the best lighted nock on the market and a fantastic owner who really cares and stands behind his product.

Now if we could just do something about the end user who tried to install one while the dog is going nuts and accidentally seats the nock improperly in the tool so that it snaps in half when it was inserted into the shaft :tongue:
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It is nice to hear there are companies out there who will do this.

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Firenock's refresh policy

S&!T happens! That is why when something that beyond control happen to Firenock, or after warranty period expired you are not out of everything with Firenock. :wink: There is our refresh policy.

This service is only available in USA.

A no hassle/no questions asked refresh service is what we believe Firenock users prefer after the warranty period had ended. Firenock™ brand lighted nocks are eligible for refresh and Lightning Nock™ brand lighted nocks are eligible for upgrade. Your old Firenock / Lightning nock circuit(s) and polycarbonate nocks can be refreshed / upgraded and you can get working Firenock circuit(s), and new polycarbonate nock(s) with a small service fee. This service is only valid when funds are sent along with the lighted nock(s) and circuit(s). This service is subject to change without notice and can be terminated at anytime. This service will begin on 6/29/2008.

Refresh Services Procedures:
Please send in your old Firenock/Lightning nock circuit(s) and polycarbonate nocks with funds to Firenock LLC, 511 Robert Street, Henry IL 61537-1146 (see below for service fee). Please do not send any of the O-rings and/or batteries. We cannot be responsible for anything that is not part of the refresh service. If the style of Firenock you want to refresh is no longer available, standard Firenock ("S" style) will be substituted. Shipping and handling is included in the service fee for this refresh service.

The service fee for refresh service is as follows
(Shipping and handling charge is included):
$10.00 for 1 piece Firenock
$12.00 for 1 piece Lightning Nock
$25.00 for 3 pieces Firenocks
$33.00 for 3 pieces Lightning Nocks

Additional accessories can be purchase at the following price alone with the refresh service without incurring shipping and handling fee:
$9.95 for 3 of batteries
$2.00 and $5,00 for O-rings set for "S", "E", or "A" and "C", "H", or "F" style respectively

or view it at and Upgrade.htm
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