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Hello All,

John from Iowa here and I'm looking to get back into bowhunting after a 12 year hiatus. I had some questions and came across this site, looks like I came to the right place!

I grew up in NE Iowa and now currently reside in central Iowa north of Des Moines. Waterfowl hunting has always been my first love, but recent years have left something to be desired and I'm looking to get back into bowhunting to pass the time between flights. My father-in-law recently purchased some new farm ground that has some primo river bottom habitat in with it. Suprisingly enough (he doesn't hunt), he's encouraging his sons, brother, and I to deer hunt it. Nice to see he appreciates the pleasure we derive from hunting.

Now I have to admit, my equipment is dated. I bought my last bow, an XI Impact, when I was in high school. I don't think I've shot it more than ten times in the past ten years. I don't want to jump back in and purchase $1000 worth of new equipment, but at the same time, I don't want the old bow to blow up on me either. It's a safe bet that it needs a new string, but I'm not sure where to go there- the XI bows had the double looped strings that hooked on both sides of the tear drop on the cables. Yes, this is a round wheel bow, and no fast flite either.

Anyone have suggestions on how to get back into the game and not spend a fortune?

Thanks, and thanks for having me on the forum.
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