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Ground blind Back window up or closed?

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Last night I used my ground blind for the first time for deer.
I had the back windows down and I was dressed in camo with plenty of back drop. thinking I didn't want the black hole effect .I had 3 does bust me bad but that was my falt,I pulled a bonehead and with 10-15 min. for shooting light left I was getting thing organized to leave and had a blind corner and leaned out to look around into the field you guessed it 3 does 25 yds coming in man that sucked.For deer which works better window up and ware black or window down
and camo?
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Leaving the back windows down if the same effect as sky lining. The deer can see into your blind because of the back light now. They also see every move you make. Make sure you have it backed in and facing toward where you think the deer will come from. Hunting from a blind is a blast!

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Keep the back windows closed, otherwise you are backlit, same as being skylined in a tree.
I always wear a black face mask (bought from an AT member) and a black fleece pullover or long sleeve black under armour shirt.
Stay back in the blind, away from the windows. If you set your blind properly, the deer will walk by the windows, allowing a shot opportunity.
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