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i'm about out of arrows so I'm doing a little shopping...

I have a 08.5 GT 500 29" draw and it's exactly 70lbs.

I'm currently shooting carbon tech cheetah 3d's that are 27" long. They seem to be too stiff as I had some right-tear issues. According to TAP these are no where near stiff enough, it's off the charts too weak.

I'm looking at some 340 FMJ's that are 27" long and it's also saying that these are on the weak side.

So long blabber question short....what spine should I be shooting?

When i cut an arrow shorter, should it not stiffen up the spine or is it such a small change that it does not matter? Or am I messing up static vs dynamic spine?

Anyways...what are you super tuners suggestions?
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