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Vegas 2014
Archery Tournament
February 14-16

“Pro Am Team Money Shoot”
Sunday afternoon, following the 1:30 line there will be a “Pro Am Team Money Shoot”. Two person teams will compete for the cash. Teams to be one Open Money shooter and one Trophy division shooter. The cost is $40.00 per team, with 90% of the pot being turned back as prizes. An abbreviated round of 30 arrows will be shot for a total of 300 points. Scoring will follow GHH Tournament Rules as posted.
Up to 3 places will be awarded depending on participation as follows.
1-3 Teams -1 place at 100%
4-6 Teams – 2 places at 65% - 35%
Greater than 6 – 3 places at 50%, 30%, 20%
Register your team any time before the competition.
"Swap Shop"
There's always something interesting in the swap shop. Your old equipment makes it even better. Bring any archery equipment you want to sell and we'll put it in the shop for the weekend. The club keeps 10% of the sale price. Everybody enjoys a deal so empty out that stash of old gear. Somebody would love to have it. All members welcome, you don’t need to be shooting to put your gear in the Swap Shop. If you’re looking for archery equipment, this is the place to get it at a great price.
“Kitchen Schedule”

We’ll have the kitchen running for all shooting lines. A variety of foods will be available.

“Club Team Shoot”
Come on out and Support Your Club! The top scoring club will hold the Perpetual Team Trophy until the following year, when they will have the chance to defend their title. There is no fee! You don’t need to shoot a separate score for the Club Competition, your score is entered for the team. The top 5 scores will count towards your team’s average. Lower scores will be dropped. Your club must have at least 5 scores to compete. You don’t have to be a member of a club to submit your score for that team. You must declare team affiliation before you shoot. Clubs that want to shoot together on the same line are encouraged to choose a Saturday shooting time. Sunday gets pretty busy, and we may not be able to get you all in. Please make arrangements for your team when you pre-register.

Door prizes / Raffles
Our Sponsors have provided some great prizes this year. We have a lot of Door Prizes and will be drawing winners for each shooting line. We’ll have 50-50 raffles for each shooting line.
T- Shirts
The first 75 people to register will receive a free T- shirt. Shirts will be available for purchase if you don’t make the cut off.

Name: ___________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________
City /Town: _______________________________________
State: ______________ Zip: _________________________
Phone: (___) ____-________ e-mail: ___________________
Please fill out one form for each competitor
Duplicate form as necessary
Make checks payable to Guan-Ho-Ha Archery Committee
Return form to: Mike Petrillose, 45 Goode St., Burnt Hills, New York, 12027 No Calls Please!!
e-mail: [email protected]

Male Freestyle Open $50.00 (male and female – one division)
Female *Note: Multiple entries must shoot in different styles. If you shoot this division, you can not shoot Freestyle for a trophy.
Freestyle (cub thru adult divisions)
Cub (up to 12 yrs.) $12.50 Freestyle Limited (cub thru adult divisions)
Youth (up to 12-14 yrs.) $20.00 Bowhunter Freestyle (adult division only)
Young Adult (up to 15-17 yrs.) $20.00 Bowhunter Freestyle Limited (adult division only)
Adult $30.00 Barebow (adult division only)
Senior (55 -64, any equipment) $30.00 Traditional (adult division only)
Super Senior (65 and up, any equipment) $30.00 Olympic Recurve (2 divisions – Adult, and a combined Youth /Young adult 12-17 yrs. division)
Friday 7:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM Club Team Competition
Saturday 12:00 PM Club Name _________________________________
Saturday 3:00 PM
Sunday 8:30 AM Pro-Am Team Competition: Sunday after 1:30 line. Register your two person team any time before the competition.
T- Shirts
The first 75 people to register will receive a free T- shirt. Shirts will be available for purchase if you don’t make the cut off. Please check size (adult sizes only) Small__ Med __ Lg __ XL __ XXL __ XXXL __
***Note: Your registration number will be issued when payment is received***
Sunday 11:00 AM
Sunday 1:30 PM (no cubs on this line)

Single Spot
Three Spot

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sounds good I'll be there Sunday

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can you shoot the pro am with two am 's?
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