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Guardian jumping??

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Out shooting my Guardian again today in the backyard. I noticed at times it wanting to take off or jump forward before I was ready to shoot. Is this a form error on my part, or timing issue, or something else that needs to be adjusted? The bow only has a 100 or so shots on it and is the same it came from the factory as far as strings, etc. It has a QAD HD as a rest tied into the cables and I replaced the factory slide with a simms. The BH, ATA, etc. is the same the day I purchased it and dead on to factory specs. Any ideas???

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I'm not positive, but I would say your draw length could be too long. I had the same problem with a bow several years ago. Once I shortened the draw it was fine.

Hope this helps.


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check cam timing making sure they come to the stops at the same time,if there off the valley will be short and may make it want to take off on you.
is the draw length correct for you?

More than likely your cam timing is off, This happens all the time when you tie a rest into the cable it will throw one cam out of time. That is why alot of people choose the limb driver on binary bows. It can be fixed, but more than likely will have to be retimed. Really the only good way to do this is on a draw board. Make sure the rest is coming full back in the LAST ONE INCH of draw.
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