Sellig (or trading for a Wengerd Ibex, Stalker ACS, Stalker Vortex or a BW carbon) just for curiosity of what else I wanna try. I have a Timberghost Black Pearl on its way so I am not easily impressed ;)
I think this is hard to beat as a bow but I am continuing my journey through the world of bows and I can send this off, a few pounds heavier than I shoot comfortably nowadays. Perfect in all aspects: balance, shooting wise and grip. Dead in hand of course. Perfect tiller. Some minor sign of use. Still, a bow that retails at 2400 usd and waiting is around 2 years (I read in another thread, haven't verified it with bowyer)
I like back mounted limbs, and even though I have walked away from excessive weights in risers this little riser stlll have perfect weight, just around grip area it feels, so it still can tilt easily when in woods shooting instinctive as I do, but stay steady in hand.
Price is to your door CONUS. No fees on buyer, full responsibilty on me. I have one of the longer list of references, many from this forum, FB pages, Tradgang and TT.