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Halon 6 tuning issue.

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So, my Halon was shooting dead nuts. Bought and fletched some new arrows, same exact arrows I've been shooting. For some reason all my new arrows are shooting high and left through paper. My old arrows, again which are the same exact to the grain as my new ones, shoot perfect bullet holes. After hours of going back and forth of what it could be and tweaking here, tweaking there, I was getting frustrated. I moved everything back to where it was before. I'm tired, my brain is tired, the shop's bow tech is super frustrated. I told him I'm just going to shoot a couple in the range see how they group and go home. When I shot them at their 20 yard indoor range both arrows were in the bullseye shafts touching. Perfect grouping. Shot through paper again, one bullet hole, one high and left. Please help before I go crazy. Thank you in advance for all suggestions, opinions and help. If it matters I'm shooting Halon 6 27" DL 72# ; Victory VAP Low Torque 350 spine with100gn tip
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I had virtually the same issue and found that the Halon wants the VAPs to be spines stiffer. I switched to VAP 300s and everything went smoothly. You can test by turning down the draw weight. VAPs are also very fickle about spine alignment, I also had luck rotating the spine alignment marks to the 5 o'clock position while on the rest. Great arrows, just a bit tricky.
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