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has anyone ever had this happen?

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I have been struggling a bit this year with a little tp,so I made the switch to a back tension.

Well,at first I wasn't having much luck and with some help here and from some friends.A few minor anchor changes and changing my peep heigth.These changes also needed a draw length change to accomidate them and it seems to be working.

My question is, have you ever been shooting so well that you just couldn't quit? This happened today, FINALLY. I started like normal, but really got into a rythem and before I knew it I was standing at 60 yards and shooting 2"-3" groups.Now this is EXTREMELY well for me, especially after what I have been fighting.I took a short break and couldn't resist, I had to go fling some more. Now there was the occasional brain fart but it really seems to be starting to come together for me. I shot untill I couldn't see the target anylonger.

I am holding steadier than I have ever held in my life. I am not 100% there but I am making the move. Hope this continues.

The only problem is that I am sitting here sore.I told my wife not to let me shoot tomorrow, so my muscles could rest. :rolleyes:

Thanks to those that have helped.
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Glad ya got it workin for ya. I think you're holding steadier because of the draw length change more than anything. JMHO! Be safe.
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Derbytown :D
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