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Has anyone made a soft bow case

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As part of 4H sewing, my 12 and 9 year old daughters are going to sew bow cases for their bows. Does anyone have any plans or advice?

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I couldn't find a case long enough to fit the Martin Razor I had so I made one to fit. The dimensions of the case should probably be customized to the bow you want to transport. I used a light cotton camo canvas for the outer shell. The inner liner is Velcro fabric. I used some black fabric we had laying around for the beading. I used 3/4" foam sheet from Joann Fabric. (Their are a lot cheaper options on the internet) I used Black Nylon strapping for the handles

1) I started with the fabric inside out and sewed around the perimeter leaving an 8 or 12 inch hole so you can turn it right side out. Basically this makes an inside out pillow. I then turned it right side out and using the hole I left I sewed on the handles. If you don't sew on the handles at this point you'll need to sew them on by hand later. Once the handles are on you can then stuff the foam sheet in and sew the hole shut.

2) Next I sewed on the outside edge of the zipper beading.

3) I wrapped the beading around and sewed through it and the zipper to attach it.

I purchased the Zipper and strapping from Seattle fabrics

Well there you have my best stab at describing what I did I hope that helps.
Looks very professional. Nice Job!
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