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The BuckShot Bigshot $269 with $25 shipping...This well loved rigid bar stand goes back almost 30 years, with over 250,000 climbing and descending tree's all over the country in season....whether you have the expanded metal or the now standard cross pieces on your Foot Platform we are sure that this beauty has provided hours upon hours of safe and successful hunting for you.
The 'newer' BigShot models in the last 10 years have bolted on Stabilizer Straps.... and as our climber backpacks on top of the Foot Platform this model can accommodate the very popular Universal Bowholder...yep you got it...bolt that baby right on ! The BuckShot BigShot $269 with $25 shipping

The 'Leveling' tree stand The Equalizer $340 with $25 shipping.... this is the startlevel and climblevel Tree Stand....where you are always Level...never disconnect again !.... and now comes included with the Foot CrankWheel that is never more than inch's from you left got it....just like the accelerator in your car is only inch's from your right betcha....and when you are finished for the day and getting ready for backpacking we have a small handle/knob on the crankwheel just designed to help you crank that cable back in ' Triple Fast '....
Think of the feeling "never have to play trapeze artist again" getting on/off your tree stand.... and 50% of accidents happen getting on/off the tree stand....
The Equalizer $340 with shipping $25 comes with bolted on Stabilizer Straps, Foot Crankwheel and Camo Cushion....

The BuckShotBigShot....The Equalizer....2 Standards of the Hunting Industry...

Visit our New Website and watch for our 7 new Accessories coming SOON !

Video's: Equalizer (from box to tree 35mins )
(EQ promo 6mins)
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