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Geoff, this is my first year of archery and I was in the same boat as you. The first couple of times I shot like crap. But when I hit the 10's and 12's it was great.

I started to shoot with a awesome shooter and he gave me some advice that has worked for me:

(1) "Have fun at all times, if you have a bad shot don't get frustrated or it will ruin your next shot."

(2) "REMEMBER!!! Arrows are cheap!!!" When I put this thought in my head, I was more relaxed. I didn't worry about losing an arrow and actually found myself shooting much better. And more importantly I have not lost an arrow in over a month.

I know that I am only a beginner, but these have worked for me. I really just enjoy the sport of archery. My stress level is way down and my wife can even tell the difference. So much she actually let me buy a second bow! Good luck....Tim:D
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